Electric Power Generation

18315 Kings Lynn, Houston, Texas 77058

Westinghouse W251B2-8 


Westinghouse W251B2-8 equipment list.
The Equipment

8. The SELLER shall provide to BUYER one (1) W251B8 Gas Turbine Econopac, which includes the following as a minimum:

(a) W251B2-8 Gas Turbine Engine Serial # 37A2021 and accessories.
i. Westinghouse Gear box

(b) Electric Power Pack and accessories
i. Generator (ACEC) type TAW840/60
ii. Exciter – Westinghouse 2S-84P624

(c) Diesel Starting Package

(d) Auxiliary Equipment
i. Air Compressor (Gardner Denver model # 202ADL645) serial #N5999
(e) Lube Oil System
i. Main DC Oil Pump Serial #
ii. Oil Circulating Pump (Buffalo Forge) model # 51-2-1551010
iii. Oil Filter Hilliard Co. Serial # HF43111
iv. Main and Auxiliary oil reservoirs

(f) Air Cooling System

(g) Turning Gear

(h) WDPF Control System (including panels, hardware, and software).
i. One operator’s station transfers to BUYER.

(i) Intake and Filter System

(j) Air & Oil Piping

(k) Electrical Package

i. Exide Utility Charger Serial #, Model US-130-3-125
ii. LWU – 73002-1 control panel, c/w AC & DC Main Breakers and auxiliary equipment breakers.

(l) Fuel System
i. Fisher Isolation valves Serial # 5025486 & 6368905
ii. Fisher control Valve serial# 6371109
iii. Package mounted Gas Filter (does not include exterior mounted gas filter –E&D Pipe & Process Equip. serial # 10168)

(m) Turbine/Generator Enclosures

(n) Fire Protection system. (Halon bottles and Halon chemical to stay at the plant).
i. Underwriters Lab. Inc. Panels
ii. Control enclosure # 109093
iii. Gas Turbine Enclosure # 109085
iv. Mechanical Enclosure # 109086
v. Battery Cabinet Enclosure # 129627
vi. Dry Chem. Bearing Housing Enclosure # 109083

8.1 The Equipment shall not include the following:
(a) Foundation
(b) Exhaust
(c) HRSG
(d) Halon Bottles
(e) Halon chemical and piping system
(f) Engineering station
(g) Generator transformer (500 KVA, 13.8 KV/480 V)
(h) Service transformers: Westinghouse 500kva serial # LD53867 13,800/480v, Westinghouse 500kva serial # LD60623 2300/480v

Under Contract