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Rolls Royce 1533

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Refurbished RR Avon Model 1533
 Gas Generator and GEC AP11 Power Turbine


A/C Generator

Air-cooled salient, brushless 4-pole G.E.C. generator rated at 13,500 KVA @ 0.8 PF 15°C cooling air, 11.0 kV, or 6kV stepped up to 11kV, at 50 Hz, capable of handling the full continuous power of the gas turbine at any ambient temperature throughout the operating range. Generator has open ventilation suitable for outdoor installation, non-hazardous environment. Excitation under current over current and over voltage protection trips the unit. Bearing temperature and vibration alarm and trips are available to trip the unit.

Main Load Gearbox

The speed-reducing gearbox is driven by the power turbine through a shaft with flexible couplings. The gear unit is suitable for full continuous running.

Turbine Enclosure

The equipment package is supplied with weatherproof acoustic enclosures for an expected average sound attenuation to 85 dB(A) at 100m distance measured at 1.5m above grade in a free field condition, during base load operation. The gas turbine enclosure is completely assembled and mounted over the equipment prior to testing and shipment. The turbine compartment is fully ventilated with belt driven fans. Either explosion-proof lighting or inert gas lighting is provided in the compartment.

Air Inlet System

The equipment package is supplied with a self-support combustion air filter and roof mounted ventilation air system. The GEC base-plate mounted packages have skid-mounted, large surface area inlet filters designed for high-volume, low velocity airflow with no turning required. The skid-mounted design provides a higher level of filtration and better noise abatement due to the lower velocity across the filter elements and the elimination of flow-turning.

Refurbished Gas Turbine Generating Set Configuration:

Gas Turbine

Refurbished RR Avon Model 1533 gas generator and GEC AP11 Power Turbine are rated at 12MW ISO for continuous duty and 9MW at 50°C for base load rating. Peaking is at 14MW at ISO and 11MW at 50°C. The corresponding heat rate is 12,500 BTU/KwHr.

Turbine Exhaust

Power turbine exhaust gases pass through an exhaust duct and silencer to an exhaust stack which discharges the gases to atmosphere. A splitter type silencer reduces exhaust noise to an acceptable level.

Fuel System

The fuel supply system is comprised of a package-mounted fuel system and piping to the Avon gas turbine fuel system. Fuel is supplied from tanks or tankers to the package then pumped to the Avon fuel pump, which delivers it at high pressure to the burners.

Lube Oil Systems

The main system comprises main and auxiliary tanks mechanically driven and AC and DC oil pumps, duplex filters temperature and pressure regulating valves and a cooler. The system includes six pressure switches, four thermocouples and differentia pressure gages. Three pumps are provided one mechanically driven by the power turbine one driven by AC motor and one driven by a DC motor. AC & DC pumps stand by for the mechanically driven pump.

Automatic Protection System

Pressure sensors are incorporated with the fuel system. If pressures drop below the pre-determined settings, alarms will be initiated and it will initiate unit shutdown. AC pumps fail and delivery pressure low DC pump will start.

Gas Turbine Generator Control System

The equipment is supplied with a Control System that are located in the control room in front of the auxiliary package.

Drawings, Data and Manuals

The equipment package is equipped with a customer drawing package that includes general arrangement drawings, flow and instrument diagrams, electrical one-line and interconnection diagrams. Additional electrical schematics are provided. Maintenance manuals are provided and printed in the English language. These documents are provided at the customer's request.

1.2 Unit Motor Control Center

All Circuits are overload protected.