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GE6A3 Steam Turbine

General Electric Condensing Steam Turbine for Sale

Offering for sale a General Electric condensing steam turbine. The turbine was purchased in the summer of 2008 for a project that has been cancelled.

Equipment Overview:

- GE steam turbine rated 35.3 MW, 1990 vintage, low operating hours
- Unit and auxiliary transformers included
- Turbine, generator and major equipment had been refurbished and tested
- Equipment is stored on site and is in a ready-to-ship state

Key Terms & Conditions:
- Equipment will be sold “AS IS and WHERE IS”. Buyer is responsible for removal of equipment away from storage location at its cost. Seller will offer to provide on-site storage free of charge for up to 60 days after close; however Title and responsibility for the equipment will transfer to Buyer at the date of close.
- At close, Buyer will obtain appropriate insurance for the equipment while still on Seller's site.
- Buyer will be responsible for all shipping costs, taxes, fees and levies. Seller is responsible with taxes arising in the Province of Alberta associated with the sale of the equipment
- Buyer will be given access to the equipment, documentation and other records for inspection.
- No warrantee will be offered for the equipment.
- Transformers are not included.
- Seller will consider a lease-to-buy arrangement with a down payment and monthly lease payments.
Condensing Steam Turbine-Generator Package Data

Condensing Steam Turbine
Manufacturer: General Electric
Serial Number:
Date of Manufacture: 1990
Inlet Pressure: 1500 psig/10342 kPa
Inlet Temperature: 975°F/524°C
Inlet Flow Rate: 250,000 lb/hr / 113,400 kg/hr
Rated Power Output: 35.3 MW (39.7 MW max.)
Total Weight: 167,300 lb/76,000 kg

Manufacturer: General Electric
Generator Model Number: 6A3
Generator Serial Number: 316X860
Generator Power Output Rating: 43,000 kVa @ 0.85 Power Factor
Generator Name Plate Rating: 13,800 volts - 3600 rpm- 60 Hz