Electric Power Generation

18315 Kings Lynn, Houston, Texas 77058

750KW Solars

(2) 750KW SOLAR Gas Turbines

Unit One, US NAVY Genset Gray trailer mounted unit

750KW 4160 VAC Solar Saturn Gas Turbine

Fuel: JP-5, or Diesel

Includes Turbine controls, generator switchgear and 500 Gallon Fuel tank all housed in a semi-trailer. This unit is fully functional, and video is attached of unit operating. I have a complete operating manual and maintenance manual for this unit. Good Batteries.

Trailer Dimensions 33’x8’x12.5 total weight 35,860 lbs dry.

Unit Two, Trailer mounted 750KW 4160 VAC Solar Saturn Gas Turbine

Originally listed to have a 1500 gallon fuel tank, trailer heaters and exhaust fans

 Trailer Dimensions 36’x8’x12.5